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The mission of Twelve Oaks Hospice is to provide quality palliative care and relieve the suffering of those in our communities affected by life- limiting illnesses and end- of- life issues, maintaining the highest ethical standards, so all may live as fully and comfortably as possible. Our vision is to be the leader in end- of- life care.

We are committed to easing the pain and managing symptoms that interfere with patient's comfort and quality of life. Life is a journey; it has it's ups and downs, it's smooth passages and rocky roads. Wherever the journey takes us, life is meant to be lived to the fullest from beginning to end. Our expert, multi- disciplinary care team tends to the need of the patient as well as family and friends who are helping the patient live out their days surrounded by the comforts of home. In addition to serving the patient's physical condition, we provide emotional, spiritual and social support to the patient and family as well. We also provide Pet therapy ; Pet therapy can help people cope with a variety of physical and mental health issues.

Hospice treats the person instead of the disease. Our emphasis is on the quality of life rather than the duration..

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